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Juanita’s Story 

For nearly six years, Juanita, a 64 year-old Hispanic, lived on the streets of New Orleans with her shopping cart.  How did she get there?  For most of her life she was married and stayed home rearing her three children.  When her husband left her 10 years ago, she had no job skills.  She stayed with family for a while, but soon had no place to go.  Juanita spent her nights in shelters, but this was hard.  She developed health problems that made it impossible for her to leave the shelter at the required time of 6 a.m.

Lindy’s Place gave Juanita a stable place to live, as well as, dignity, respect and hope. The staff helped her get treatment for her physical disabilities and depression.  Now she spends days at a senior center interacting with others and evenings working as a waitress in a local restaurant.  She has re-established contact with her children.  Once Juanita was asked, what would she do if she won a million dollars?  She replied, “Coming to Lindy’s Place is like winning a million dollars to me.”

Joan’s Story

Well-educated and stylish, Joan, a 48 year-old Caucasian, was formerly a restaurant manager.  Her marriage to a man, who frequently beat her and introduced her to cocaine, took away this life.  Joan bounced in and out of treatment programs and the hospital, recovering from beatings.  When child protection workers came to take custody of her six year-old, Joan and the little boy were living in an abandoned house without electricity.

Life became brighter.  Joan successfully completed a six-month drug rehab program and came to Lindy’s Place, seeking a supportive environment as she rebuilt her life.  Today, Joan has a job as a receptionist and is saving money to prepare for independent living.  She has filed charges against her abuser and is following a strict regimen to regain custody of her son.  She says, “During my time at Lindy’s,  I have learned a new way to live."

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